AstraZeneca sets up Clinical Data and Insights Division in India

October 20, 2021 0 By CH Unnikrishnan

AstraZeneca India, the wholly owned subsidiary of British-drug giant AstraZeneca Plc, has launched a clinical data and insights division in India for the management of data-related aspects of its global clinical trials. The new clinical data and insights team, located at  Bengaluru in India, is a critical advancement to support a growing global portfolio, and build on internal data expertise of the multinational company. With the centre starting its operations, the team will continue to expand by sourcing the right talent and resources for future needs. The Indian subsidiary is already one of the important Global Capability Centres (GCCs) for the parent company and the new division will further strengthen its global presence. 

“The role of GCCs in the overall growth of the parent organisation is witnessing a shift. Over the last decade, GCCs in India have been undertaking more strategic and transformative work that is critical to the success of the organisation,” said Siva Padmanabhan, managing director, AstraZeneca India.

The Clinical Data & Insights (CDI) team, which will be reporting into the development operations of the biopharmaceuticals R&D of the group, is responsible for the management of data-related aspects of AstraZeneca’s clinical trials, excluding analysis and reporting. CDI division works across therapy areas and portfolios, supporting early and late-stage clinical programmes from Phase 1 to Phase 3 with an integrated end-to-end approach for clinical data, analytics, insights and risk management. Currently a 30-member team, the division is expected to grow to a 100 plus member strong team by 2022.

“India has seen a constant uptick in investment in areas such as Business Services, Engineering, Digital, IT, R&D and Product Development from global Fortune-500 companies. AstraZeneca in India is no different – since its inception, AstraZeneca India has supported the global organisation with various services spanning information technology, business services and research and development from our centres in Chennai and Bengaluru, on transformative projects. AstraZeneca’s decision to set up the CDI division in India is only a natural progression of this, to further capitalise on the extensive talent pool in the country,” added Padmanabhan.  

AstraZeneca CDI’s current footprint includes over 400 employees and approximately 700 data management professionals in vendor partnerships across six countries. They are now embedding data science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) across R&D centres to enable their data teams to push the boundaries of science to deliver life-changing medicines.

“Clinical data and insight solutions enable pharmaceutical organisations such as ours to gain in-depth visibility into the patient’s journey by extracting actionable insights from disparate data sources. The establishment of the CDI division in India is key to our strategic vision of being industry leaders in this space,” stated Natalie Fishburn, Vice President, Global Head of Clinical Data & Insights, AstraZeneca. 

She added that the way in which the company manages data is evolving, and it is growing and expanding its capabilities to be ready for the future. “In addition, the fact that the Indian market has grown significantly by offering a large talent pool, many of whom have over 10 years of experience, has further motivated us to set up this division in India,” Fishburn was quoted in a media statement on Wednesday.