Clevergene scales up genomics capacity to expand genetic diagnostics and discovery genomics

October 20, 2021 0 By CH Unnikrishnan

Bangalore-based Clevergene Biocorp has increased its testing capacity to over 1 lakh annual tests, with the installation of the latest Illumina NovaSeq 6000 DNA sequencing platform, the most advanced DNA sequencer in the world. This puts Clevergene among the top labs in the world that can analyse tens of thousands of human genomes.

According to a Clevergene media release, the added capacity will open new horizons for highly powered experiments at the depth required to discover rare genetic events. “With this addition, Clevergene will be able to explore new horizons to widen its discovery genomics offerings by introducing applications such as single cell gene expression, genome deep sequencing etc, that require large volumes of DNA sequence data.  Clevergene is also aiming at leading genetic diagnostics with a focus to provide diagnosis for rare and difficult to diagnose genetic ailments,” the company wrote in the release.  

“Our primary intention behind this investment is to scale up our genetic diagnostics portfolio and make available comprehensive genetic diagnosis to the millions of patients suffering with genetic ailments. We are also expanding our discovery genomics offerings to Europe and North America,” said Tony Jose, Co-Founder and CEO of Clevergene. 

The addition of this infrastructure is expected to help life science research institutions, specialty hospitals and diagnostics companies which have been looking for a large capacity partner in genomics with capabilities in high-throughput sequencing and deep tech genome analysis. It will also enable Clevergene to partner global discovery genomics projects.