Domi Care, at-home Pap smear test for women

July 2, 2018 0 By CH Unnikrishnan

Arizona State University industrial design graduate Lauren Emmerson and current senior Anastasia Miller created Domi Care, an at-home Pap smear test.

It is designed to reduce anxiety associated with the procedure and give women more control over their health without interfering with their work or social life.

Domi Care has recently been awarded first place in the International Housewares Association Student Design Competition.

With Domi Care, women can perform a Pap smear test in the comfort of their own home, and then access the results and dialogue with their doctors through the Domi Care app.

All they have to do is order the kit, then when it arrives, take a self-sample — which is a similar experience to using a tampon — then pack it back up and mail it to their doctor.

They can keep track of the progress of their test with the Domi Care app, which will give them updates along the way to let them know when the lab received their test and when the results are in, as well as what those results are.

Throughout that time, they can also use the app to ask questions and talk to their doctor about any concerns.