DocsApp launches web service

September 12, 2018 0 By CH Unnikrishnan

DocsApp has introduced web-based consultation for the users in tier 3 and 4 cities of India, who may not be familiar with the concept of mobile applications.

The online consultation platform has removed the necessity of using its mobile application by providing an easy-to-use web service. Doctors across the country can now be reached via the web platform.

As the use of the internet is becoming more widespread in the semi-urban parts of India, providing consultations via the web will help internet users access healthcare services via multiple devices including mobile, laptops and desktops, according DocsApp.

Started in 2015, DocsApp has a user base of over 3.5 million customers and provides 75,000+ consultations per month. The app connects patients to specialist doctors across 19 specialities within 30 minutes on the app via chat or call. DocsApp allows patients to order medicines and lab tests from home.

DocsApp received the ‘App of the year 2017’ award from Amazon in the medical category