AP first to make AD syringes mandatory

September 12, 2018 0 By CH Unnikrishnan

Andhra Pradesh has become the first Indian state to launch auto-disable syringes for all clinical purposes and to declare itself as a ‘Safety Injection Use State’. The state government had, in May 2018, passed an order to use auto-disable syringes for all clinical purposes. Subsequently,
the Ministry of Health, Medical & Family Welfare launched the programme “AD Syringes for Patient Safety” on August 16.

The WHO had begun the global campaign for the use of safe injection practice in early 2015 and chosen India, Egypt and Uganda as the focus countries to spearhead the same. The global health body had then stated that the return on investment (RoI) was 14 dollars for every dollar invested in injections safety. The WHO gave a directive to all member states and institutions to go for mandatory use of SMART auto-disable safety engineered syringes in healthcare system by 2020 and urged all donor institutions to supply only AD / RUP / SIP syringes henceforth in their campaigns, depending upon local manufacturing capacity, availability and affordability. Many countries including USA, EU, Canada and Japan have already adopted Safety Engineered Syringes (SES).