NephroPlus launches buttonhole needles

October 10, 2018 0 By CH Unnikrishnan

NephroPlus, a network of dialysis centres in India, has introduced the buttonhole needles for painless dialysis.

Buttonhole cannulation is a technique used often in home hemodialysis where blunt needles are used instead of sharp ones.

Most dialysis patients report pain during the insertion of the needles as their biggest fear in a dialysis treatment. The Buttonhole needles addresses this issue by reducing the amount of pain drastically, according to a release.

In this technique, first a tract is formed in the flesh by pricking a sharp needle at the same point at the same angle during five to six successive dialysis sessions. Subsequently, a blunt needle is used for cannulation that goes through this tract without much pain. Buttonhole needle method is not only pain free; it is safer and easier for dialysis patients. Patients undergoing dialysis through this method have reported reduction of pain more than 95 per cent compared with the previous method.

NephroPlus has 128 centres currently in 82 cities across 18 states in India.