Novaerus launches plasma air purifier in India

October 10, 2018 0 By CH Unnikrishnan

Novaerus, an Irish company specializing in non-chemical air disinfection, launched the Defend 1050 in India.

Defend 1050 is a portable, easy to use device for rapid disinfection and purification of the air in large spaces and high-risk situations such as operating-theatres, ICUs, IVF labs, emergency and waiting rooms, and construction zones.

Defend 1050 uses patented dielectric-barrier discharge (DBD) ultra-low energy plasma technology. It utilises specifically designed multi-stage pre-filters, HEFA filters and carbon filter systems to reduce infection, absorb odours, neutralize volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and trap particulate as small as 0.3µm.

“With time, we have seen a high contamination rate in the air, which is resulting toin an alarming increase in airborne diseases and causing adverse results to human health. The plasma technology brought by Novaerus has been studied by NASA that has shown how the technology is an answer to this crisis,” said Una Ni Raghallaigh, Business Development Director, EMEAA region for Novaerus Inc while launching Defend 1050 at ISAR (Indian Society for Assisted Reproduction) conference organized in Aurangabad, recently.