Intuitive launches new App for surgeons using da Vinci surgical systems 

April 12, 2022 0 By Team FM

Intuitive Intuitive Surgical India, the Indian unit of global technology leader Intuitive Surgical, has launched its My Intuitive App (MIA), a unique platform for surgeons using da Vinci surgical systems in India. The company, which is into minimally invasive care and the pioneer of robotic-assisted surgery, said that MIA is a single point of access for surgeons and it makes surgery data discoverable and actionable. The App captures surgeons’ ergonomic preferences, timelines for cases and instruments used. This data is generated during the robotic-assisted surgical procedures performed using the da Vinci surgical system and is analysed by the app to deliver actionable insights to help surgeons’ hone their skills and benchmark against their peers through global averages. 

The mobile app is also part of Intuitive’s digital and data support strategy as it serves as a digital portal to many parts of the Intuitive ecosystem — connecting its users to their personalised network of innovative robotic systems, learning, and services.

“We believe that through the utilisation of MIA, surgeons can continue to leverage newer learning approaches, improve their surgical skills, and drive improved clinical outcomes,” said Mandeep Singh Kumar, Vice President, and General Manager of Intuitive India.

In addition to operative data, the MIA also provides access to the Intuitive Learning Platform, an in-depth learning environment with videos, learning plans, simulation modules, and other educational resources.

The users of MIP say it clearly provides crucial data and analytics about each robotic surgery.

“The My Intuitive is an innovative and a handy app linked with the Robotic platform to capture all essential operative step data,” says Dr. Vishal Soni, from Zydus Hospitals. 

“It provides crucial data and analytics about each robotic surgery and is the much needed objective measurement to ones’ operative step metrics. Usage of this app has helped me analyse my past surgeries and continuously improve my surgical performance and outcomes,” Dr Soni added.

Dr.Saravana Rajamanickam, from Thangam Cancer Center, Namakkal said that; “Through the data in the App, I have been able to uncover areas where I could improve my surgical technique and thus be more efficient in the operating room, supporting me in my goal of providing better clinical outcomes for my patients”

Intuitive’s chief digital officer Brian Miller said that as the company expands its capabilities, My Intuitive App will be where to find the company’s offerings and tools designed to support more efficient operations and ultimately help improve patient outcomes.
“Digital integration is transforming the operating room by creating seamless connections between data, insights and actions. Robotic surgery platforms are a great example of this in action. With more than 800 da Vinci trained robotic surgeons in India, and the adoption of Robotic Assisted Surgery  procedures constantly and consistently increasing as more private and government hospitals across the country are accepting the latest surgical tool that technology has to offer, MIA will see increased usage over a period of time to assist with surgeon learning and adoption of da Vinci technology,” Miller says.