Natural remission of Type 2 diabetes likely in 5% patients

November 21, 2021 0 By Team FM

About 5 percent of type 2 diabetes patients can achieve natural remission of the disease, mostly without any aggressive medical or other interventions. This was revealed in an analysis of data from more than 160,000 people in a national diabetes registry in Scotland.

The study actually supports earlier reports that weight loss can have a direct impact on disease remission.  

The key findings of the study were that a comparatively large proportion of type 2 diabetes patients subjected to the analysis could achieve remission just in routine care, without undergoing other serious medical interventions such as a bariatric surgery or such aggressive procedures and disease condition reverted in many even prior to the introduction of very-low-calorie intakes as part of routine care.

However, the strongest correlates of the said remission in the study was related to weight loss.The analysis was led by diabetes researcher Mireille Captieux from University of Edinburgh.