Eris Lifesciences launches novel CME programme ‘Metabolic Roadinar’

October 26, 2021 0 By Team FM

In order to find an innovative solution to maintain high engagement levels in Continuing Medical Education (CMEs), Eris Lifesciences has launched a first-of-its-kind initiative — an educational travelogue featuring 18 well-known doctors from across the country spread across 9 episodes. The first edition of the travel-inspired programme will see well-known endocrinologists discussing cardio-metabolic care. 

A first-of-its-kind initiative, the Roadinar is  aimed to disrupt the CME landscape and give medical communication a new dimension, is in line with Eris’ commitment to support innovative thinking and deliver future-forward, critical information to the medical fraternity, said a company statement. 

“CME is an integral part of ensuring continuous knowledge building and an effective way to stay abreast with the current and forward looking developments in the medical industry. We want to bring together a fresh perspective and encourage newer ideas. Metabolic Roadinar, is an innovative way of delivering CMEs which retains its essence and at the same time opens avenues for disruption in the approach towards CMEs in future. We are happy to support innovation in this field and this becomes a trend setter for years to come,” says  Amit Bakshi, Chairman and Managing Director, Eris Lifesciences. 

Explaining the context of this innovative CME model, Dr. Rajiv Kovil, a senior diabetologist in Mumbai who conceptualised it, said; “From personal and industry experiences, we have witnessed decreasing engagement of the medical fraternity towards CMEs. While each of us understands its relevance and importance, the lack of innovation has made the platform dull and uninspiring. Hence, we were sparked by the thought of introducing CMEs in a more fun, lively and human format, which will build excitement.”