Onco.com receives recognition for cancer patients assistance platform at ASCO

Onco.com receives recognition for cancer patients assistance platform at ASCO

The India-based digital platform for cancer care, Onco.com has recently announced that the company received global recognition for its advanced technology platform “Online Cancer Patient Assistance Pathway” (OCPAP).

The recognition was received at the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) held in May 2020 based on the company’s concordance study that showed high accuracy in the treatment guidance recommended through the OCPAP when compared to that provided by a panel of senior oncologists. The study was presented at ASCO by Dr Amit Jotwani, Senior Consultant Radiation Oncologist. 

“We studied the accuracy of the guidance provided by this platform by comparing its guidance with that provided by a panel of senior oncologists for 448 cases studied,” said Dr Jotwani, who is also the  and co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of Onco.com.  

The retrospective cohort study showed an overall 90% accuracy in the treatment guidance provided by the OCPAP against the opinion of an onco tumour board (OTB) consisting of senior oncologists. The study used data of cases from the time (up to 2 years back) when the platform was non-existent.

The team compared and analysed the recommendation provided by OCPAP in terms of surgery, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, radiation, clinical trials, palliative care or best supportive care against the opinion of OTB panel.

“In this study, we found that OCPAP could provide accurate treatment guidance for 93% of patients and this accuracy was consistent across cancer types and different stages of the disease. The lowest concordance was recorded at 74% for brain tumours where there is substantive subjectivity among doctors owing to clinical findings and tumour characteristics noted on scans,” he explained.

The OCPAP is a free online technology platform that assists cancer patients by providing any diagnostic, specialist and treatment-related advice for up to 15 different types of solid cancers. The patients can avail of the service by entering a few core details like the cancer type, stage, patient’s performance status and treatment received, to obtain a detailed treatment and diagnostics-related guidance.

Currently, the platform is dedicated to providing free access to personalised cancer treatment guidance for 15 different solid cancers involving the lung, breast, prostate, liver, bone and muscle, and head and neck cancers.

The platform works on the recommendation algorithm that utilises the input of knowledge related to a wide range of oncological conditions as per the standard international protocols. This allows for continuous improvement of the platform based on the latest inputs from the clinicians.

Onco.com also received “ASCO Merit Award” in 2019 at the “Breakthrough Innovations in Cancer Summit 2019” for their work on OCPAP, Dr Jotwani said.Onco.com offers various features including the latest treatment advice and care management to cancer patients through its network of 1500+ oncologists, 500+ hospitals and labs. Apart from OCPAP the platform also offers other key services like Onco Tumor Board and Call Onco services where the patients can consult available top oncologists from India or the U.S.