India targets to end TB by 2025

April 9, 2019 0 By S Harachand

India has set an ambitious target to eliminate TB by 2025. The goal is to end the country’s leading infectious disease five years ahead of the global target of 2030.

The government has announced the National Strategic Plan (NSP), with an estimated cost of Rs 16,649 (USD 2,485 million), to ensure access to diagnosis, treatment and support for all TB patients.

The new scheme looks to expand public-private partnership models and use information technology tools for monitoring the programme and treatment adherence. Community engagement is the hallmark of the programme and it is becoming a social movement, according to the Union health minister JP Nadda.

The new NSP adopts a multi-pronged approach, which aims to detect all TB patients, with an emphasis on reaching TB patients seeking care from private providers, and undiagnosed TB in high-risk populations. It aims to treat all patients irrespective of where they seek care, adopting a patient-centric approach and to prevent the emergence of TB in susceptible population groups and build empowered instaitutions and human resources to streamline implementation, Nadda said.

The implementation of NSP will be a combined effort of all stakeholders working towards the same goals. A restructured Central TB Department (CTD) at the ministry of health will oversee the implementation of the plan by coordinating the work of the National TB Control Board. State TB cells will continue to oversee the work at state and district levels.