Innovative approaches to improve patient experience

February 5, 2019 0 By S Harachand

Leaders in the segment are experimenting with novel approaches to make imaging sessions more easy and patient-friendly. Recently, Siemens Healthineers has introduced Magnetom Altea 1.5T MR Scanner which features the Innovision in-bore infotainment system, which is designed to travel with the scanner table while immersing the patient in a unique exam experience. In addition to creating the illusion of an enlarged bore, it is designed to provide a video experience with excellent sound quality and display the remaining scan time to improve patient satisfaction in MR exams.

The system completely transforms the patient experience from its wide 70-cm bore to its lightweight, flexible coils and new speed applications that enable the provider to get the patient on and off the table faster, Siemens said in news release.

In December last, GE Healthcare came out with the Invenia automated breast ultrasound (ABUS) 2.0 system, the first USFDA approved ultrasound supplemental breast screening technology, according to GE, specifically designed for detecting cancer in dense breast tissue. Both cancer and dense tissue appear white on a mammogram, so looking for tumours in women with dense breasts can be like looking for a snowball in a snowstorm. Because of this, tumours are often unseen on mammography exams.

The device has the Reverse Curve transducer that follows the natural contour of the breast, providing patient comfort, thorough contact and helping ensure comprehensive coverage. Since no two women are identical, exams can be customized with programmable scan protocols, adjustable scan depths and compression levels to improve the patient experience.