MRI technique to obviate biopsy?

February 5, 2019 0 By S Harachand

A new MRI technique that could potentially obviate the need for biopsies to identify composition and aggressiveness of a tumour.

A recent study using multiparametric MRI or mpMRI involving a standardized diagnostic algorithm evaluated specific MRI images of a targeted renal mass.

A cohort of 110 patients, who underwent MRI and partial or radical nephrectomy, showed 50% of the lesions with malignant clear cell histology. The MRI images evaluated factors including the presence of microscopic fat in a tumour and signal intensity in T2-weighted imaging.

The multiple types of images obtained from the renal mass could reveal more about the histology of the tissue with 80% specificity, aiding in their risk stratification. Though the research does not suggest that mpMRI will replace all biopsies, it does say that it could help avoid unnecessary or painful examinations done to determine malignancy of tumours to a large extent.