India overtakes Spain in COVID infection with 2.64 lakh cases; Biggest one-day spike on Saturday

June 7, 2020 0 By FM

Reporting the biggest spike in new cases at 9971 in the last 24 hours, the COVID tally of India has risen to over 2.46 lakhs. Touching the total toll at 2,47,071 cases, the country has also surpassed Spain, one of the worst affected countries with 2,40,978 infection cases in the global pandemic.  Currently, India is the fifth nation with the highest confirmed COVID cases globally.

The cases in India have shown a steady rise, that is doubling every two weeks days. With 2,36,657 cases reported India had already surpassed the total tally of Italy yesterday, according to a John Hopkin’s report.

There are currently 1,20,554 active cases in the country. The death toll increased by 293 in the past 24 hours to reach 6,942, while the recovery rate still remains around 48%. 1,19,575 people have recovered in the country so far.

India’s COVID graph is currently being led by Maharashtra, which touched 82,968, and Delhi with 27,654 cases recently. Maharashtra tops the charts in terms of total confirmed cases, active cases, recoveries and deaths. Delhi is in the second place in terms of active cases, though it is third after Tamil Nadu in terms of total cases. Gujarat is ranked second for fatalities, followed by Delhi at the third place.

Maharashtra on Saturday reported 2,739 cases and 120 deaths, taking its total to 82,968. Tamil Nadu has reported 1,458 coronavirus cases today. Delhi, with 1,320 cases reported in 24 hours, has a total of 27,654 cases.

Globally, the US leads the highest number on COVID infection with 18,57,872 cases, followed by Brazil at 6,14,941 cases.