6000 plus new-cases trajectory continues; ICMR moots smart testing strategy to stay ahead of virus

May 26, 2020 0 By FM

COVID-19 cases are on a steady rise in India despite the extended lockdown. India continued reporting more than 6000 new cases daily in the last one week. The return of migrant labourers in huge numbers to states like Bihar, UP, West Bengal and others and the repatriated NRIs seemed to be the cause for this spike. While, Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has devised a a new strategy to stay ahead of the virus spread by progressively ramping up the tests.

ICMR is planning to scale up the testing capacity to 2 lakh per day from the current 1.4 lakh.  

“Based on the revised understanding of the virus and the research work being done in India and other countries, ICMR wants to progressively widen the testing criteria to include the migrant labourers from within the country and abroad,” said ICMR sources.

Currently, most states have been already working on the National Tuberculosis Elimination Programme to deploy TrueNat machines for COVID-19 testing to cover areas where a virology lab is not available. In addition, the apex medical research body will involve all possible resources such as science and technology institutions, private medical colleges, research labs in both public and private sector, defence labs to trace and track the virus and also to assess where it would be needed the most. 

Maharshtra, which is the worst-hit state in India so far, reported 3041 new cases in the last 24 hours. The state’s total COVID-19 positive count has touched 50,231 as on Tuesday and it has reported 1635 Covid related deaths.