Targeting senescence to destroy ovarian cancer cells

September 6, 2019 0 By FM

Hubert Fleury et al have developed a two-step combination therapy to destroy ovarian cancer, by manipulating the state of cellular aging. The researchers discovered that epithelial ovarian carcinomas (EOC) cells enter senescence following chemotherapy in combination with polymerase 1 inhibitors PARPi. PARPs are enzymes that help repair damage to DNA. By blocking the enzyme, PARP inhibitors prevent cancer cells from repairing their DNA, stop them from proliferating and cause them to age prematurely. The investigators noted that with the one-two punch approach, they could destroy the senescent EOC cells in preclinical ovarian cancer models. The study suggests that the approach could improve the effectiveness of chemotherapy in combination with PARP inhibitors and counteract the systematic resistance that develops with this treatment.

Source: Nature Communications 11 June 2019; Article number: 2556 (2019)