Inhalable mRNA offers new therapeutic delivery to lungs

March 7, 2019 0 By FM

Asha Kumari Patel et al developed an effective method for nebulized delivery of in vitro mRNA providing a clinically relevant delivery system to lung epithelium. The delivery was facilitated by hyperbranched poly beta-amino esters (hPBAEs) vectors. Unlike previously used carriers, hPBAEs are positively charged biodegradable polymers. hPBAE protects the mRNA from degradation during inhalation and ensures their proper entry into the lungs. The researchers produced protein encoding inhalable mRNA in a suspension from within nanoparticle spheres. The mice used in the study were allowed to inhale the droplet suspension as mist via nebulizer. It induces the production of luciferase protein 24 hours after inhalation of hPBAE. Repeated inhalations helped maintain a steady concentration of the bioluminescent protein within the lungs. The study reveals the therapeutic utility of the innovation which could help treat a range of lung diseases.

Source: Advanced Materials 2019, 180511604 January 2019