Closed-loop neuromodulation device to stimulate brain

March 7, 2019 0 By FM

Andy Zhou et al demonstrated a wireless artefact-free neuromodulation device -WAND that could help treat various neurological disorders. Using a closed-loop neuromodulation system WAND can record as well as stimulate over 128 channels in the brain with the ability to fully cancel the stimulation. The device is currently experimented in a rhesus macaque in delaying specific arm movements. WAND can record abnormal electrical activity in diseases such as epilepsy and regulate the stimulation to counteract the electrical signals of the brain. This could help patients overcome tremors and other movement disorders. Researchers suggest that the ability to actually stimulate and record in the same brain region could help provide effective therapy in a variety of neurological conditions in the future. WAND can be used as a general-purpose research tool for preclinical investigations of stimulation-based therapeutic interventions and variety of other applications with minor modifications.

Source:Nature Biomedical Engineering Volume 3, pages15–26 (2019) 31 December 2018