Inflatable device for spinal cord stimulation

July 9, 2021 0 By FM

Ben J Woodington et al created a new minimally invasive spinal cord stimulation device that can help neuromodulation therapies. Unlike existing technologies, which may require invasive surgery for implantation, the new device can be delivered using a needle. The device is an ultrathin pouch which is rolled into a tiny cylinder that can fit into a needle. The new device which features thin, flexible electronics and integrated fluidic channels is made by applying photo- and soft lithography fabrication. This device can be rolled up into the shape of a standard percutaneous needle then implanted on the site of interest where it expands in situ, unfurling into its paddle-type conformation. The team tested the device and its implantation procedure both in vitro and on human cadaver models. The technology could pave the way for shape-changing bioelectronic devices that can offer large scope for spinal cord stimulation in a negligibly invasive manner.

Source: Science Advances | 25 Jun 2021| Vol. 7, no. 26, eabg7833 DOI: 10.1126/sciadv. abg7833 |