“Concept for new curriculum was developed somewhere in 2011”

January 14, 2019 0 By FM

Dr Avinash Supe, a well-known expert in medical education, served as Chairman of the Board during the long-drawn process of formulating the new MBBS curriculum. A few years ago, he was conferred the B C Roy Award for being an Eminent Medical Teacher. In this interview, he talks about the new MBBS course, the process by which it was developed and that a lot of work still remains to be done in this regard. Excerpts from his conversation with FM:

There are a lot of questions in the minds of both teachers and students with regard to the new curriculum. What is being done about them?
At the moment, only the AETCOM document has been made public. The rest are under process and would follow in due course.

Would further work also be done by the Reconciliation Board, of which you are chairman?
The Reconciliation Board has finished its work. The remaining part would be handled by a separate Expert Committee. In case our help and opinion is sought by the committee, we shall provide it.

How long did you and your colleagues need for completing this document?
The concept for this was developed somewhere in 2011. It resulted in a Vision Document that was completed in 2015. This was sent to various government groups for evaluation and validation. That much time is needed for the various wings of government to make their assessment.

Even the previous version, that is the Regulations on Graduate Medical Education of 1997, was completed in 1994, but brought into force three years later.