Dentists seek a bridge to MBBS

May 29, 2018 0 By FM

A 3-year course for dental degree holders to practice as full-fledged MBBS doctors is being finalised

Medical Council of India (MCI) has set up a Joint Study Group (JSG) to work out the guidelines to start a three-year MBBS curriculum following a proposal submitted by Dental Council of India (DCI).
DCI urged the government to allow a bridge course for students of Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) to do three year MBBS in the year 2016. Such a course could address two major problems faced with the country, DCI had argued.
Presently, there is a severe shortage of MBBS doctors particularly to serve in the rural areas. If BDS graduates are allowed to pursue and complete the three-year bridge course, they could serve in the rural areas of the country for four to five years as full-fledged MBBS doctors.
Secondly, dental students are currently facing a large problem of placements and recruitment after the completion of their courses. The committee, under the Chairmanship of Dr Vedprakash Mishra, Chairman of Academic Committee of MCI, is expected to finalize the roadmap for the three years’ condensed course of MBBS after BDS.

According to Dr Mishra, some of the key aspects of the bridge course that needs consideration are as follows :

  • The curriculum proposed by DCI was old and thus, needs some amendments.
  • MCI has adopted a new competency-based integrated course which is approved by Government of India. Thus, the committee is considering the incorporation of the bridge course in this integrated course, provided the competency needs to be integrated.
  • The course contents of MBBS which are taught to BDS students during their course need to be finalised to exclude them from this proposed bridge course.
  • Inclusion of internship in this 3-year condensed bridge course since the MBBS students also need to complete internship during their course.
  • Whether students pursuing bridge course will be registered by DCI, MCI, or by both, since BDS graduates are registered under DCI & MBBS graduates under MCI.

“As the MBBS student has to do internship so the student doing this bridge course need to go for internship of one year. Since BDS is regulated by DCI and MBBS by MCI, the question arises is who would run this bridge course. The committee will study all these modalities for post-BDS-MBBS bridge course to evolve operational guidelines,’’ Dr Mishra was quoted as saying in a recent media report.