COVID-19 deaths in India rose to 117; Confirmed cases close to 4300

April 6, 2020 0 By FM

Coronavirus affected deaths in India has crossed the 100-mark to touch 117 on Sunday night, while the number of confirmed cases saw a significant jump of over 700 to 4,288.  

Globally, the death tollsurpassed 69,456 and the number of infections rose to 1,273,709. The US continued recording increased number of positive cases standing at 336,670 on Sunday  and the death toll is nearing the 10,000-mark. 

India’s prime minister Narendra Modi discussed the COVID-19 crisis with the opposition leaders seeking all their support in the fight against the pandemic. While, a spokesperson for the government of United Kingdom on Sunday confirmed that prime minister Boris Johnson was admitted to a hospital after showing symptoms of the coronavirus. The country, which has already seen its number of confirmed cases rising close to 50,000, recorded 4932 deaths. It was one of the most affected countries along with the US, Italy and Spain by the pandemic.