Bione launches at-home rapid screening test kit for COVID-19 in India

April 6, 2020 0 By FM

The Banglore-based biotechnology company Bione said it has launched a rapid antibody-based at-home screening test kit for COVID-19 that is capable of giving results within 5-10 minutes. 

The kit which is approved by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) will be deployed in the market after proper quality checks and assurance, Bione said in a statement. 

The screening test kit is based on immunoglobulins- IgG and IgM- and delivers results in 5-10 minutes. The user has to clean their finger using an alcohol swab and use the lancet provided to prick finger . The cartridge provided reads the results from the blood sample thus obtained, within 5-10 minutes, the company said.
However, the company strongly recommends that those individuals who have symptoms and or test positive for COVID-19 using the screening test kit should undergo a thorough follow-up by undergoing a laboratory-based test.  

The test kits have been sourced from the company’s worldwide CE and FDA approved partners and will be brought to market after stringent quality controls have been ensured. The company is in the process of getting approval for more United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) approved partners, Bione said.

The company announced that the screening kit is made available for sale on the company’s online platform .The kit is priced between INR 2000-3000/- depending upon the global supply, to increase its affordability for the masses. The company also notified that it is well-equipped to supply 20,000 kits per week and intends to build its manufacturing facilities in the upcoming months to sufficiently cater to the high demand.   
Speaking on the launch, Dr Surendra Chikara, CEO, Bione said, “COVID-19 Home Screening test kit has emerged as a breakthrough product in such unprecedented times. By bringing down the result time, we are looking to make an impact and help India fight COVID-19. We strongly believe that the government’s support is pivotal in leading a revolution against coronavirus.”