COVID-19: Global cases close to 9 lakh; India crosses 1500

April 1, 2020 0 By FM

When India enters the eighth day of the nationwide lockdown due to novel coronavirus outbreak, it has recorded at least 1565 cases, tested positive for the infection, and 35 deaths at various hospitals across the country. While the outbreak, which has affected at least 202 countries around the world, saw the number of positive cases going up to over 8.55 lakh worldwide. 

With the confirmation of infection in some twenty-five people, who took part in a religious congregation in Delhi, India recorded one of the highest numbers of cases in a single day on Tuesday, though the rise in confirmed cases had slightly stabilised after the lockdown.  Many  people, who attended the Delhi congregation, had already travelled to states including Rajasthan, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala.   

Delhi health minister had yesterday said that 700 people who attended this Delhi congregation have been quarantined while around 335 people have been admitted to hospitals. He said screening of all those who participated in the event is being conducted by the government. The religious gathering was also attended by nearly   300 foreigners. The US remained the most affected country with more than 1,89,000 positive cases as on Tuesday and Italy had the highest number of casualties at 12,248.   

Various state governments and the Union home ministry have already ordered strict action against rumours on COVID-19 spread through social media today under the guise of April Fools’ Day.