Women less proactive in managing diabetes: Study

November 14, 2019 0 By FM

Men outnumber women exponentially when it comes to selecting a diabetes care plan, finds a recent analysis conducted by Indias’ home healthcare service provider, Portea Medical.

The findings are based on the patients involved in Portea’s diabetes care initiative– InControl programme.

The study which included over 12,000 diabetes patients showed that about 70% of women were unable to manage their diet owing to their busy schedules. The team stresses that even tech-savvy women tend to deprioritise their health.

Women were also found to engage in the diabetes care programme at a relatively more advanced stage of the condition when compared to men, reveals Portea.

About 47% of the women patients were found to be suffering from diabetes for more than 5 years compared to 35% men.

The average fasting blood glucose level for men was observed to be around 155 while that for women it remained at around 165.

However, the study showed that about 30% of women showed keen willingness to follow health recommendations when administered. The maximum involvement of women in the InControl programme was observed to be from Karnataka (16%) followed by Kerala (13%). The trends were evaluated over the last 6 months.

Discussing the findings, Meena Ganesh, CEO and managing director of Portea, says, that many participants have only recently been diagnosed with diabetes and are seeking a solution to manage their conditions.

Even though the percentage of women is far less than that of the men, women on the program are far more compliant than their male counterparts, she added.

The study stresses the need to counsel the population on all aspects of diabetes and encouraging them to seek help.