Alniche launches product to overcome protein-energy wasting

August 1, 2019 0 By FM

Alniche Lifesciences has launched Complipro/ Ezepro, a novel product to address need of protein–energy wasting which is a recurrent issue in chronic kidney disease. The Delhi-based Pharmaceutical company developed the ready-to-drink formulation in collaboration with Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research University (DPSRU).

Alniche has signed an MoU with DPSRU for developing innovative formulations in the field of nephrology and critical care.

Girish Arora, founder and managing director of Alniche Lifesciences said that academia and industry are the two extremely important pillars of the economy. A robust collaboration between the two augurs well for the country, enabling innovation.

Both the partners are working together for three broad areas: Formulation and Development, Concept to Creation and Analysis and Standardisation of differentiated novel Pharmaceuticals, according to a press statement..

Complipro / Ezepro is the first product developed as part of this collaboration which is ready for commercial launch.

Protein-energy wasting is one of the highest risk indicators of mortality in patients with chronic renal failure. Patients can lose up to 13g of amino acids per session of dialysis. Hence, protein supplementation is of high significance in such patients.

Complipro is a high protein oral supplement to compensate intradialytic amino acid losses. The product claims to combine the right quantity of proteins with the right quality of high biologic value proteins to compensate losses and maintain a positive balance during each dialysis session.

Ezepro is the other variant of the product designed for boosting immune function, thus early recovery in the critical care patients.

CompliPro and Ezepro have a pleasant taste with coffee flavour and are available in single dose can of 150 ml for patient convenience.