ISIC successfully performs complex spinal surgeries through advanced robotics

July 11, 2019 0 By FM

Achieving a major milestone, the Indian Spinal Injuries Centre (ISIC), New Delhi has become the first hospital outside the US to successfully perform complex spine surgery utilizing a highly advanced robotics system.

The hospital has already performed more than 5 successful precision surgeries using the recently acquired advanced Spine Robotics System.

“Indian Spinal Injuries Centre is the first facility in the world after US to introduce the advanced Spine Robotic system. Surgeries conducted through advanced robotics reduce implant inaccuracies, revision surgeries, radiation exposure, length of stay and infection.” says Dr. H S Chhabra, Medical Director Cum Chief of Spine Services, Indian Spinal Injuries Centre (ISIC), New Delhi.

A team of spine surgeons led by Dr. Chhabra has reported recently to have successfully operated on a 33-year old woman suffering from post tubercular kyphotic deformity of back with severe weakness in legs.

The team also reported successful outcome on operating a 50-year old man diagnosed with spondylolisthesis- a spinal disorder in which a bone (vertebra) slips forward over the bone (vertebra) below. He was recently operated with robotic minimal invasive transforaminal lumbar inter body fusion (TLIF) with minimal incision and bleeding, restoring the ability to walk within 3 days of surgery.

Robotics is a recent advancement in spine surgery, a specialized approach to a complex procedure that allows planning a surgery and facilitates highly accurate and predictable execution of the plan.

Robotics is helpful in inserting implants in the spine. The robotic system combines advanced software with deep artificial intelligence and sophisticated 3D analytics component, robotic technology, navigation, and instrumentation.

The latest generation robotics also has an infra-red camera that continuously tracks and navigates the movement of instruments and implants in relation to the patient anatomy and surgical plans. On the hardware front, the system uses a customized robotic arm that can perform extremely difficult maneuvering to enable complex procedures with high degree of precision.

“Spine is one of the most important parts of the human body and performing a surgery on it is extremely delicate as even a minor error can cause severe, long-term consequences on the person which could be devastating.” says Dr. Chhabra.

“Those who are suffering from neck or back conditions can immensely benefit from the advanced technology that allows surgeons to perform less invasive surgical procedures with smaller incisions, less operative bleeding, faster recovery time and shorter hospital stays – it allows them to plan and create a blueprint for each surgical case.”

“Such high improvements in so many parameters simultaneously can drive significant clinical efficiency and reduce the burden on healthcare system in the medium to long run. It gives us immense pleasure to announce its induction in our system as this will help the doctors of ISIC serve the patients of spine injuries better and in a cost-effective manner”said Dr. Chhabra.