Doctors shun government hospitals due to more preference towards private sector: Gujarat health minister

July 4, 2019 0 By FM

The deputy chief minister and health minister of Gujarat,Nitin Patel, said that there is a dearth of doctors in government hospitals as most doctors prefer to work in the private sector rather than in government jobs, reports Times of India. The minister said this while speaking on the issue of shortage of doctors in government-run hospitals, at the Gujarat Assembly, recently.

“Doctors open their own clinics for a private practice, and people also have a tendency of going to a private doctor (rather than going to a government doctor). A new trend of 8-10 doctors starting their own corporate hospital has begun, where all (medical) services are available. Many doctors go abroad. The government does not have any control on these factors,” stated Patel.

Owing to the dearth of doctors in interior rural areas in India Patel stated that the state government of Gujarat is planning to promote private hospitals implement the two flagship health schemes – Mukhya Mantri Amrutam Yojana (MA) and Ma Vatsalya Yojana, reports The Indian Express.

MA Yojana was launched on 4th September, 2012 by government of Gujarat in order to address the key vulnerability faced by the BPL population in the state due to excessive expenditures arising out of catastrophic health shocks. In August 2014 the scheme Mukhyamantri Amrutam Vatsalya Yojana.was extended to families of lower middle class belonging to low income group but excluded from BPL.

In October 2017, the limit of income has been increased from Rs. 1.50 lakh to Rs. 2.50 lakh per annum for “MA Vatsalya” beneficiaries. Later in April 2018, the limit of income has been again increased from Rs. 2.50 lakh to Rs. 3.00 lakh per annum.

Even a person from a tribal or rural area who becomes a doctor prefers to settle in urban areas, and while modern facilities and experts are available in government hospitals of urban areas, they are not in the interior, rural areas, he said adding that private hospitals in those regions are being promoted under the two health schemes.

“If a person from Kutch gets a heart attack, he will not come to UN Mehta Hospital (in Ahmedabad) for treatment. Therefore, we have recognised private hospitals at various places to impart services under the two schemes,” Patel said.