Curofy launches chat feature to help doctors discuss real time cases

June 27, 2019 0 By FM

The leading healthcare networking application for doctors, Curofy, has launched its new feature ‘Curofy Chat’, providing a problem-solving platform for doctors to make immediate diagnosis.

With its new feature Curofy helps to discuss clinical cases in real time, create private chat room for doctors, connect without sharing the contact, and form professional multi-speciality groups promoting robust communication in the medical world.

Curofy creates a spam-free and secure environment facilitating doctors to communicate with each other. The new feature offers a fast and simple messaging service where physicians can chat with fellow doctors and can share or answer medical cases at the same time. The application also enables conversation among hospital members and discussing cases in group.

With more than 4,00,000 doctors on its platform, Curofy claims to help solve more than 400 cases every day becoming the biggest digital repository of patient case in the country.

Speaking about the feature, Pawan Gupta, Co-Founder, Curofy, said “The chat feature transforms Curofy from being a knowledge sharing platform to an immediate diagnosis platform. This truly has the potential of disrupting doctors’ day to day life in a good way. This is one of our biggest launch since our inception.”