Very few private clinics report TB cases to local health authority in Pune

June 14, 2019 0 By FM

The lack in proper response by the private healthcare to notify tuberculosis (TB) cases to the local health authorities is likely to undermine the government’s target to eliminate the disease by 2025, reports Times of India.

Only 38 of the 6,671 registered healthcare establishments, including hospitals and nursing homes, private clinics, private laboratories and diagnostic centres and chemists, in the city are reporting TB cases to the local health unit of the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), according to the latest report of the PMC’s health department.

“More than 60% of patients in the city approach private doctors, hospitals and clinics for treatment. Unless they are not active enough to notify the cases, it is not possible to understand the disease burden and initiate appropriate interventions,” said Vaishali Jadhav, a public health expert and the assistant medical officer of health (AMoH), PMC.

However officials of the Indian Medical Association’s (IMA) city chapter have reportedly challenged the PMC’s figures and provide support to the local health authorities in countering TB.

“First of all, there are more private clinics and other medical establishments that are reporting cases of TB than what has been cited by the PMC’s report. Besides, most private doctors and medical establishments, instead of notifying the cases to the PMC, prefer to report the instances to the Union government’s centralised online portal Nikshay,” stated Sanjay Patil, eye-surgeon and IMA-Pune president .

“We will sensitize other members to notify cases. We are committed to working hand in hand with the local health authorities in eliminating TB,” he added.