Columbia Asia observes World Hypertension Day with multi-pronged campaign

May 23, 2019 0 By FM

Bengaluru’s Columbia Asia Hospitals, in association with marketing partner Team Pumpkin, implemented a week-long campaign from 13th to 17th May in honor of World Hypertension Day. The campaign involved a massive online effort along with offline activation, helping thousands of Bengaluru residents learn more about the causes and consequences of Hypertension.

World Hypertension Day is held every year on 17th May to highlight the rising incidence of hypertension across the world. One in three Indian adults has hypertension, and it affects as many as 20-40% of adults in urban areas. Despite how widespread it is, hypertension is known as the “silent killer” because it often goes undiagnosed until it’s too late. Most people, especially in urban areas, get stressed on an everyday basis without realizing the impact it has on their bodies.

Columbia Asia’s campaign was therefore aimed at raising awareness about the dangers of high stress levels and consequent hypertension. The campaign’s hashtag #tensionkatest underlined the main theme, which was all about measuring your stress levels and doing something about it. The online campaign included two hard-hitting videos on the impact of hypertension on our daily lives and why everyone needs a regular #tensionkatest. This was supplemented by online quizzes on social media where people could answer a set of questions regarding their lifestyle to get an accurate assessment of their stress levels. Those that reported high stress were recommended to visit the nearest Columbia Asia branch in Bengaluru and get a hypertension test. The marketing team complemented this gamified approach with thorough insights into hypertension in the form of a comprehensive document on the topic which was widely shared and quoted.

In order to build more depth into the campaign, the massive online effort was completed by focused offline activation. In order to emphasize the importance of kicking back and de-stressing, the team installed free massage chairs at the four Columbia Asia hospitals in Bengaluru. This was a free walk-in service wherein those coming into the hospital were asked to experience the massage therapy and articulate how it made them feel. Those who took the free massage also saw a short video talking about hypertension and its causes and consequences. This initiative helped raise awareness not only about hypertension but also about potential lifestyle solutions like yoga, meditation, relaxing massages, and overall self-care. Many people also ended up getting a hypertension test done at the hospital itself.

Lifestyle diseases have been rising exponentially in India, and are now responsible for 61% of all deaths in the country. Prevention is the best way to tackle such diseases but the problem is that they’re notoriously difficult to detect and diagnose. Campaigns like this one will go a long way towards raising awareness about lifestyle diseases so that they can early detection and course correction become more commonplace.