Navia Life launches first voice-based virtual assistant for doctors

May 21, 2019 0 By FM

Delhi-based healthcare technology startup Navia Life Care has launched the first voice-based virtual assistant for doctors in India. Branded as Navi, it is an application that can understand voice commands and complete tasks for a user just like any other virtual assistant.

Navi comes with a single click system that helps in creating and completing a digital prescription for the patient that is printed or sent via an SMS. This makes it a passive listener that responds once it recognizes a command but also record and analyze both the doctor’s behaviour and the patient’s medical history. Apart from the use of the unique algorithm it also predicts possible remodification, diagnosis, medication schedules and investigations for patients, thus recommending them to doctors.

Virtual assistant apps like Navi can play a vital role in managing doctors’ time, which is in high demand. According to a recent World Health Organization report, the global health care shortage is expected to reach close to 13 million by 2035. This indicates that health care providers will be in high demand across the world and they will be pushed to their limits in order to render the much needed service. Navi’s new App is expected to help relieve this strain and meet more medical challenges making Navi an Alexa for doctors, encompassing all possible tasks that they need to do in order to “augment” and enhance their practice, all through the power of voice.

“Navi will be helping doctors create digital prescriptions through a speech-to-text engine, converting voice inputs into structured prescriptions,” said Mr. Kunal Kishore Dhawan, Co-founder, and CEO of Navia Life Care in an interview with Future Medicine.

This makes Navi an innovative, useful and accessible means to strengthen the doctor-patient bond in India, he added.

According to Dhawan, use of Navi – the voice-based assistant, the time for prescription process can be reduced to less than 1 minute (per prescription). Thus, the doctors will be able to use their time effectively with reduced chances for errors. The doctors can also maintain an accurate medical record with detailed notes about prospective courses of action from previous visits of patients. The usability index offered by Navi via a single click system is seamless and user-friendly. It can also be easily accessed from any smartphones and one needs to install Navia’s doctor App, which is easy to use. The App will cost approximately Rs 1500 per doctor.