IMA moves SC over oxytocin ban

May 9, 2019 0 By FM

The Indian Medical Association has moved the Supreme Court against India’s ban on oxytocin, which is used to prevent excessive bleeding after childbirth.

The health ministry through its notification in April 2018 had restricted private firms from manufacturing and selling oxytocin, following widespread allegations of misuse of the drug in the veterinary field.

As a measure to prevent the misuse of oxytocin, the government wanted to restrict the responsibility of supplying the drug to a public sector drug manufacturing company based in Karnataka.]

The decision, however, was contested in court by drug makers like Mylan and Neon Laboratories and patient activist group All India Drug Action Network (AIDAN). The Delhi High Court removed the ban citing various reasons in December last year. Following this, the government appealed the decision in the SC.

IMA, in its petition filed in the SC, argued that the scarcity of the drug or even a restricted availability can cause an increase in maternal fatalities during childbirth, impairing the lives of thousands of innocent young mothers. It also said that reserving the manufacture of the drug for domestic use to the public sector “clearly is a statutory override” and is against the public interest, according to reports.