India-UK cancer research programme takes off

May 9, 2019 0 By FM

The government of India has finally given its stamp of approval to the memorandum of understanding (MoU) between India and UK on cancer research.

The 5-year bilateral research initiative by the Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Ministry of Science & Technology, India and Cancer Research UK (CRUK) was signed in November, 2018.

Both CRUK and DBT will invest £5 million (approx. 45 crore) each in this 5-year pilot to focus on affordable approaches to cancer.

The collaborative project will identify a core set of research challenges that address issues of affordability, prevention and care of cancer by bringing together leading Indian and UK experts across clinical research, demographic research, new technologies and physical sciences.

The initiative will provide funding to develop new research alliances and undertake impactful research to enable significant progress against cancer outcomes.

It sets forth a roadmap for catalysing collaborations that align the best researchers, scientists, healthcare organizations and institutions to a multi-disciplinary research platform leading to high value, low-cost outcomes for cancer care.

Through this initiative, the number of positions for doctoral-level, post-doctoral level researchers and early career scientists are expected to grow, according to the PM India website.