Global food suppliers agree to reduce trans fats: WHO

May 9, 2019 0 By FM

The International Food and Beverage Alliance (IFBA) has committed to cut down the industrially processed trans fats from the global food supply by 2023, aligning with the WHO target to eliminate the same.

The commitment was made during the meeting between WHO director General Dr Tedros Ghebreyesus with the IFBA representatives, the agency said in a statement.

The convention discussed on actions to take to eliminate industrial trans fats and to reduce salt, sugar and saturated fats in processed foods.

IFBA plans to ensure that by 2023 the amount of industrial trans fat (iTFA) in their products manufactured globally should not exceed 2g of iTFA per 100g fat/oil.

Each year more than 500,000 people die globally from coronary heart disease due to the intake of trans fat.

“Eliminating industrially-produced trans fat is one of the simplest and most effective ways to save lives and create a healthier food supply,” said Dr Tedros.

“The commitment made by IFBA is in line with WHO’s target to eliminate industrial trans fat from the global food supply by 2023. WHO will be monitoring the next steps to be taken by companies to help ensure the commitment is realised,” he said.

This objective is in line with the target and recommendations of WHO according to the REPLACE action package.

REPLACE which was developed and launched in 2018 provides a six-step action package for the global elimination of trans fat. It supports governments to ensure the prompt, complete, and sustained elimination of industrially produced trans fat from the food supply.

Along with the IFBA members, WHO has called on all food producers and oil and fat manufacturers, to commit to elimination of industrial trans fat from the global food supply in accordance with the REPLACE initiative.