Roche Diabetes Care India unveils its latest integrated diabetes management solution

May 2, 2019 0 By FM

Roche Diabetes Care (RDC) India on Thursday (May 2) unveiled its latest Integrated Diabetes Management Solution (IDMS) with the launch of “mySugr” app and “Accu-Chek Instant” blood glucose monitoring system, which together, form the next generation blood glucose monitoring system. Together, the mySugr App and Accu-Chek Instant bring advanced connectivity and accuracy to help people with diabetes (PwDs) effortlessly manage their blood sugar levels and spend more time in range. With this launch, RDC India aims to offer a collaborative, integrated and personalized approach for optimal therapy to people with diabetes or those at risk of developing the disorder.

Roche claimed that the mySugr app, which provides bluetooth connectivity with Accu-Chek Instant enabling the automatic uploading of data, has more than 1 million registered users at present. It provides easy access to blood glucose monitoring data to caregivers and doctors, enabling dynamic therapy modification. Through this app, users will also have access to diabetes coaching at their fingertips.

Accu-Chek Instant exceeds current accuracy criteria and provides wireless connectivity. It offers accuracy of 10/10 in blood sugar monitoring that exceeds the current ISO 15197:2013/EN ISO 15197:2015 system accuracy requirements. The easy to understand colour coded Target Range Indicator (TRI) helps in quick assessment. Its wide dosing area allows the placement of a small drop of blood anywhere along the blood application area, making the process of applying blood much easier.

“Successful diabetes management relies on efficient communication between people with diabetes, and their healthcare professionals. Key to doing this is providing an integrated platform of innovative hardware and digital technology that enables self-monitoring of blood sugar (SMBG) adoption and better diabetes management,” said Dr. Gaurav Laroia, General Manager, Roche Diabetes Care India.

According to Dr Laroia, this integrated platform allows patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals to view, share, and access blood glucose data anytime for timely advice, and optimised treatment decisions.

The global epidemic of diabetes has rapidly spread to every country in Asia. Currently, more than 230 million Asian individuals are living with diabetes, accounting for approximately 55% of the world’s diabetic population, and this number is expected to exceed 355 million by 2040. Two Asian countries, China and India, are home to the largest number of patients with diabetes in the world. A recent study*4 suggested diabetes was associated with substantially increased risk of death from a broad spectrum of diseases particularly diabetes itself, renal disease, coronary heart disease and stroke. The associations were more evident among women and younger patients than among men and elderly patients.

Dr. Varsha Khatry, Head – Medical & Scientific Affairs, Roche Diabetes Care India, said that there is an urgent need for implementing the diabetes management programs that are tailored to Indian population and the subsequent strong implementation of these programs.

“RDC India has taken a step ahead by establishing the Center of Excellence where the healthcare professionals will be trained on the “Integrated Diabetes Management – IDM”. IDM model will improve the physician-patient-dialogue, patient and physician satisfaction, patient adherence and glycemic control. It will also enable patients to master the complexity of managing diabetes to improve “Time in Range”, she said.

India has around 80 million people with diabetes and almost an equal number with pre-diabetes. We want to make India the diabetes care capital of the world and empower the Indian people to take control of their diabetes.
“To manage the blood glucose levels better its important to have precise and accurate blood glucose management tools which are enabled with the latest technology and ease of use. Digital diabetes needs latest applications which can not only be signalling alarms for high or low sugar attacks but also motivational tools for behavior change. Roche Diabetes Care India has now the latest smart “instant” meter and “my sugar” app as management-cum-empowerment tools to make Indians confident and get better control of their sugars. My mantra to prevent diabetes for Indians is eat less, walk more, monitor regularly, sleep well and smile”, Dr Shashank Joshi, Endocrinologist, President, Indian Academy of diabetes Chair (elect) IDF South east Asia

“Accu-Chek Instant” is a high end monitoring system providing advanced accuracy and Target Range Indicator (TRI) that provides patients visual reassurance of their blood glucose values. With the launch of the new “mySugr” app and “Accu-Chek Instant” patients across India will get dual benefit of advanced data sharing capabilities to help simplify diabetes management.