CallHealth partners with ThynkBlynk for secured healthcare data integration

March 28, 2019 0 By FM

CallHealth, an integrated healthcare platform, has partnered with ThynkBlynk, the developers of ChainTrail, to ensure secured healthcare data integration on its platform. This is India’s first-ever blockchain services partnership with a healthcare service platform. It has the unique ability to securely integrate data from all types of healthcare services and thousands of healthcare ecosystem providers like Doctors, Nurses, Hospitals, Clinics etc in compliance with stringent data privacy regulations.

Currently, eHR systems in India use different information models. Due to this, stringing together data from multiple healthcare sources is becoming a challenge. By standardising Healthcare outputs like prescriptions and reports, information is made verifiable and interoperable, giving patients better control over their personal health information. Patients can take their verifiable personal health data and transact with anyone they choose. At the same time, Healthcare providers can verify and ensure any data migration into their systems is accurate.

The practical application of CallHealth and ThynkBlynk’s ChainTrail Blockchain Distributed Ledger approach in Healthcare addresses key issues plaguing the Indian Healthcare system, such as fake or fraudulently modified documentation coupled with lack of digital data verification leading to clinical inaccuracies and dependency on manual verification which in turn result in high overhead costs, demand for repeated procedures and pathological tests in the absence of trusted data sources causing high out of pocket expenses for patients,

By ensuring every data point is auditable, traceable, controlled and is immutable, a trusted information exchange platform provides for better integration within the health ecosystem.

Commenting on this partnership, CallHealth CEO Hari Thalapalli said, “CallHealth and ThynkBlynk’s ChainTrail can process millions of transactions per day and can integrate with a billion smartphone users in India and over 4.5 billion users globally.”

According to him, it will also provide transparency of each healthcare data source and has the ability to derive meaningful insights from the terabytes of data generated across millions of transactions in addition to empowering clinicians with information for accurate diagnosis and monitoring potential disease outbreaks.