India reports a spike in number of H1N1 cases in three weeks

March 28, 2019 0 By FM

The number of influenza A (H1N1) cases in India have risen sharply to at least 6,200 and subsequent deaths to over 225 in three weeks according to reports published by Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme, NCDC, Delhi.

The H1N1 cases of 14,803 and 448 deaths observed by February 24 this year have increased to 20,977 and 677 respectively by March 17. The figures have been collated by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare-Government of India based on data from different states.

Rajasthan is reported to have highest number of cases and deaths, followed by Gujarat. The number of H1N1 cases in Rajasthan have increased from 3,964 in February 24 to 4,720 in March 17 this year, while the rise in Gujarat was from 2,726 to 4,296 during the same period. Similarly, deaths from H1N1 have shown to increase from 137 to 178 in Rajasthan and from 88 to 125 in Gujarat in that period.

The third highest number of H1N1 incidence have been reported from Delhi which showed an increase in number of cases from 2,738 to 3,484 from February 24 to March 17. However, the number of deaths showed to remain constant during the period.

The number of cases in Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka which had shown less than 1000 cases till February 24 has shown to have nearly doubled in three weeks. The number of deaths too showed a similar spike in these states.

UP had reported 905 cases and 9 deaths till February 24 but the number of cases and deaths spiked to 1,680 and 21 respectively by March 17. Similarly, Maharashtra showed a rise from 423 cases to 849 and Karnataka reported an increase from 554 to 959 number of cases. The deaths reported by theses states were 27 to 61 by Maharashtra and zero to 14 by Karnataka from February 24 till March 17.