PMC exempts credit hours for CME

March 7, 2019 0 By FM

The Punjab Medical Council (PMC) has given a one-time exemption of the mandatory credit hours of the Continuous Medical Education (CME) that are necessary for registration renewal.

The MCI, in February 1997, had recommended 30 credit hours per year, or 150 credit hours per five years, for renewal of licenses.

PMC guidelines mandate that all the doctors registered under the state medical council have to acquire 50 hours of credit within 5 years for CME accreditation.

“All members unanimously decided that up to 31.03.2019, renewal of registration of all doctors who have not renewed their registrations irrespective of time lapse are being given an exemption of CME credit hours on the recommendation of Punjab Medical Council,” says a notice issued by PMC.

The organization requested all medical practitioners who have not renewed their registration till date to apply for renewal even without CME hours up to 31st March.

Th exemption is only up to the stated period and after the expiry of the period, the mandatory clause of CME hours will be applicable, the notification says.

PGs in Punjab get 10 credit hours per year, whereas in other states, the postgraduate medical professionals will get only four credit hours per year.

Reports show that medical practitioners in Karnataka need six credit hours per year, while it is 30 CME credit hours per year in Gujarat.