Handbook on benefits of vitamin E launched

December 13, 2018 0 By FM

Merck Consumer Health India has launched a handbook that highlights the benefits and widespread utility of vitamin E. Titled “Vitamin E: Clinical Applications and Evidences”, the book has been edited by Dr YK Gupta and Dr AC Anand, leading health experts.
The book focuses on the manifold uses of vitamin E as a supplement.
According to Merck, People in India are not entirely aware of the extensive benefits offered by vitamin E and the book is a step toward increasing awareness about the benefits of vitamin E, backed by scientific data and clinical evidence.
More than 90 percent of India is unaware of vitamin E applications and advantages. Educational initiatives like these have become the need of the hour, the company said. Extensive knowledge about vitamin E in the book underlines Merck’s efforts towards keeping Indian medical practitioners abreast of latest medical knowledge, thus giving way to a healthier future for the general population, the company said.