iPC Health join hands with RCNi for continuing professional development programme for Indian nurses

April 10, 2021 0 By FM

Impelsys Inc., a global market leader in delivering impactful and adaptable online learning solutions, has announced that its online medical professional training platform iPC Health has partnered with RCNi to bring to India a continuing professional development (CPD) Programme for Nurses. RCNi is a subsidiary of Royal College of Nursing, UK. It has been a trusted provider in nursing education for more than 30 years and it has now partnered with iPC Health to bring evidence-based and peer-reviewed courseware that promotes best practices in nursing care.

India’s healthcare providers, despite being held back by the COVID pandemic, have adapted to the new normal using tools like telemedicine and online learning to keep their workforce prepared for the challenges.

However, according to Implesys, the positive trend that it has seen in the industry is that there has been a strong adoption of digital learning. It has seen more than 25,000 nurses in 125 hospitals in India signing up for iPC Health in the past year, the online training company said in a statement.

“The pandemic has challenged all of us to deliver higher standards of care while implementing new workflows and protocols. We have innovated to keep the hospital workforce engaged and up-to-date in core knowledge areas despite the limitations of today’s environment. The partnership with RCNi is core to our strategy of bringing leading global learning programs together with hospital workflows and best in class learning strategies.  Together, we have big plans to help the Indian healthcare sector to develop their talented workforce,” said Impelsys’ CEO & founder, Sameer Shariff.

The RCNi product launch is another step towards iPC Health’s vision of improving healthcare outcomes in India by delivering knowledge through digital channels. As a part of the partnership, the RCNi CPD Programme has been launched to provide access to a range of continuing professional development (CPD) courses covering Nursing Care, Compliance, Patient Safety, and Self-Development topics. The programme has been designed to meet the professional development requirements of the Nurses and upon completion they will receive certification accredited by Royal
College of Nursing, added Shariff.

“RCNi’s vision is to be a lifelong learning partner for the nursing community around the world,” said Phil Smithers, Commercial Director at RCNi.

“Partnering with iPC Health enables us to leverage their expertise in technology and their experience in the Indian healthcare industry to accelerate this effort. We are delighted to be working with them on this exciting new learning resource,” Smithers said.