Moderna enrolls diverse group of participants for phase 3 vaccine trials

October 24, 2020 0 By FM

Moderna has finished enrolling about 30,000 participants for the late-stage trial of its COVID-19 vaccine candidate mRNA-1273, announced the US-based biotech company.

Moderna and its contract research partner PPD Inc. enrolled more than 7,000 Americans aged above 65 yrs, and more than 5,000 who are under 65 but have conditions such as diabetes or severe obesity. The high-risk groups make up 42% of the trial, the company said.

The company had slowed its enrollment in September to make sure minority groups were represented, said the investigators who have managed to recruit a total of 11,000 people from communities of colour, which represent 37% of the trial population.

After Moderna and its partners received the viral sequence of the novel coronavirus and entered human testing early this year. The work progressed to phase 3 in late July. The company announced that it does not expect to be ready to file for an FDA emergency use authorization (FDA) until late November.