Apollo Hospital launches 640-slice cardiac CT scanner in India

October 5, 2020 0 By FM

Apollo Hospitals, Chennai has recently launched the first advanced cardiac diagnostic equipment Aquilion One Prism 640-slice CT Scanner in India.

The device allows for one-stop non-invasive cardiac assessment of heart function, including blood supply to the heart and heart muscle function. It can also be used for specialities such as oncology, neurology and paediatric problems, the hospital officials said.

The new CT-scanner helps optimise patient care through accelerated clinical decision-making for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. The larger bore of the advanced version can accommodate bariatric patients up to 315 kg of body weight and patients with high heart rates. Post-operative checks after cardiac surgery can be performed without any invasive procedure and with least discomfort, while giving accurate information about coronary stents and bypass grafts. 

“The advanced non-invasive cardiology techniques allow early detection of heart disease, using external tests, as against instruments inserted into the body, to evaluate and diagnose cardiac disorders. Among these, cardiac CT allows us to rule out heart disease with 99% accuracy and avoid more invasive testing,”  Preetha Reddy, Vice Chairperson, Apollo Hospitals said.

In early cases of heart disease, patients can be started on preventive therapy and management, while patient with moderate to advanced heart disease that may lead to a heart attack, can be immediately referred for an angiogram, stenting or even surgery as required, she added.