Marinomed expands to Italian market with cold remedies

June 14, 2020 0 By FM

Marinomed Biotech AG is entering the Italian market for cold remedies, biopharmaceutical company said in a statement.
This market is the third largest of its kind in Europe. Marinomed’s new marketing partner Fidia Farmaceutici Spa is set to offer Carragelose-based nasal sprays on the Italian market as of autumn 2020.

Oral products such as throat sprays and lozenges will also become available to more than 60 million Italians in the following year. In addition, Marinomed has signed a contract with Sanova Pharma GesmbH, its first distribution partner for Carravin. Carravin offers the combined benefits of a fast-acting decongestant nasal spray with the anti-viral properties of Carragelose. Its market launch is scheduled for 2021 once the product has obtained bibliographical approval.

“New additions to our pipeline include four Marinosolv projects for various areas of application in the fields of respiratory and gastrointestinal conditions”, says CSO Dr Eva Prieschl-Grassauer.

A clinical phase 1 trial for an inhalation solution as an acute treatment for viral pneumonia is in the preparation stages.