COVID-19 death toll at 4337 in India; Positive cases touch 1,51,767

May 27, 2020 0 By FM

As the daily count of new Covid cases continued with exponential growth, India confirmed 6,535 new patients in the past 24 hours. The country’s infection tally rose to 1,51,767 on Wednesday morning. There were 4337 deaths reported in the country so far.  Although India’s fatality rate is one of the lowest in the world at 2.87% as compared to 6.45% globally, the rapidly raising infection rate is concern.   

India’s ministry of Health and Family Welfare said on Tuesday that a total of 60,490 patients have recovered so far from the infection. 

Meanwhile, as the lockdown rules have eased and homecoming of migrant workers from different states and abroad has started, the country is witnessing a surge in positive cases in the last three weeks, said Preeti Sudan, Health Secretary while addressing the states that saw an upsurge. 

Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh are among the 5 states that saw an upsurge, says the Health Ministry and emphasized on utilising existing available health infrastructure for arranging as quarantine centres, and be prepared with essentials involving ICU/Ventilator/oxygen beds etc to strengthen the assessment for the next two months. 

Owing to the plight of lakhs of stranded migrant workers across the country the Supreme court has taken suo motu cognisance of migrant workers. The Court on Tuesday pointed out the “inadequacies and lapses” in the handling of the crisis and issued notices to the Centre and state governments on steps taken to “redeem the situation.”

The Center has also urged the country to take immediate measures needed to continue other non-COVID essential health services for TB, Leprosy, COPD, and non-communicable diseases like hypertension, diabetes, treatment for injuries and trauma due to accidents.

With 2,436 new cases totalling to 52,667 Maharashtra continues to see the worst number of COVID-19 cases while Tamil Nadu stands second to it with 17,082 cases followed by Gujarat with 14,460 cases.

Globally, there have been 5,406,282 confirmed cases of COVID-19, including 343,562 deaths, reported WHO. The US reports 1,618,757 cases so far topping as the worst-hit country. As WHO calls South America as a new epicentre of the deadly virus seeing the highest numbers, Brazil with 363,211 cases takes the second place globally which overtakes Russia (362,342).