India’s COVID infection numbers cross 1 lakh-mark; Migrant workers from Delhi show high positivity rate

May 19, 2020 0 By FM

With 4,970 new COVID-19 cases India has crossed the one lakh mark to reach a total of 101,139 cases on May 19, the day after the fourth phase of the lockdown period has begun.

As the number of active cases rises to 58,802, the number of total deaths seen due to the infection becomes 3,163. While about 39,173 people have been treated and discharged in the country so far.

Returning of migrant workers from Delhi to Bihar has also reported an increase in positive cases of COVID-19. Of the 835 samples taken from migrant workers who returned from Delhi, as many as 218 were COVID-19 positive corresponding to a positivity rate of over 26 percent, while the rate in the national capital is about 7 percent.

Until May 18, Bihar tested a total of 8,337 samples of migrant workers and about 8% were found to be positive which is double the national average positivity rate which is about 4%.

Meanwhile, COVID-19 positive cases reported from Maharashtra reach 35,058 continuing as the worst affected states, following which Tamil Nadu and Gujarat reports 11,760 and 11,745 cases respectively.