Hyperion Plasma Treatment more effective than conventional one, says European Medical Association

April 21, 2020 0 By FM

Hyperion Plasma Treatment, a novel treatment invented by a team of clinical researchers from European Medical Association with support from Redcliffe Lifesciences and Sapio Analytics, is proven to cure COVID-19 with higher effectiveness than conventional plasma treatment. The new treatment administered to over 3000 patients, successfully cured COVID-19 in China and Germany, claimed the team from EMA, Redcliffe Lifesciences and Sapio Analytics, while announcing the trials of the new treatment in India.    

“We have innovated an accessible treatment of COVID-19, using the widely accepted concept of plasma treatment, and combining it with adjuvant negative ion therapy using a proprietary ionizer device,”  said Dr. Ahmad Abdulaziz Al Jaziri, the lead inventor of the novel treatment method. 

“The treatment has already been applied in China and Germany with successful results, proving to be about 10 times more effective than conventional plasma therapy, with recovery rate of severe and acute patients being less than 48 hours”, he added 
Explaining the treatment method, the team comprising Dr. Ahmad Abdulaziz Al Jaziri,  Dr Amina Ather, lead research and clinical leader, Dheeraj Jain from Redcliffe Lifesciences, Rakesh Maurya, exclusive commercial and clinical partner, said that it is driven by data-based results of the said treatment of COVID-19 in China and Germany and combining the same with data-driven output models of plasma treatment and negative ion therapy, used outside of COVID-19. 

“The methodology is designed and optimized in a manner that it can be administered on a range of patients with varying viral loads, using donors with varying levels of antibodies. This ability to create such a range makes it much more accessible than regular plasma treatment and helps usher India into an era of available COVID-19 treatment. The treatment is also combined with immune modulators of phyto extracts and anti-influenza drugs,” the team added.  The lead inventor of the new treatment Dr. Ahmad Abdulaziz Al Jaziri had previously invented a number of medical devices, including a mosulator for removing abdominal tumors in a none invasive way, and Clip Applicator patented in Germany in 1990.

Meanwhile,  the country’s first patient who was administered Plasma Therapy at Max Hospital, Saket in Delhi, has shown positive results and was recently weaned off ventilator support.The 49-year-old, male patient from Delhi who had tested COVID-19 positive on April 4th, was admitted at the COVID facility at Max Hospital, Saket, East Block with moderate symptoms and a history of fever and respiratory issues, the same day.

His condition deteriorated during the next few days and he soon required external oxygen to maintain saturation. He soon developed pneumonia with Type I respiratory failure and had to be put on ventilator support on April 8th. When the patient showed no improvement in his condition, his family requested the hospital for administration of plasma therapy on compassionate grounds, a first of its kind treatment modality that was used for this disease in India. Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) had early this week approved ICMR and its institutions to conduct clinical trials of plasma treatment in India.  While, Sapio Umbrella, a brand entity of Sapio Analytics is already engaging with various state governments on a pro-bono basis to assist them with the new data-backed decision support system, for combatting the pandemic