Apollo partners with Anatomiz3D to set up 3D printing labs

March 6, 2021 0 By FM

The Apollo Hospitals Group and Anatomiz3D Medtech Pvt Ltd announced a collaboration to establish hospital 3D-printing labs in India for 3D-printed implants that would enable doctors to visualise and print implants for complicated cases.

The first of these would be launched at Apollo Health City, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.

The hospital 3D-printing labs would provide medical 3D-printing services through the creation of anatomical models for pre-surgical planning and education, patient-specific cutting and drilling guides, and customized implants and implant molds.

“3D-printing is today used in a wide range of healthcare settings and is helping to save and improve lives in ways never imagined until now. 3D-printing has many applications in healthcare and the in-house 3D-printing labs at the hospitals will enable better patient care and treatment planning,” said Sangita Reddy, joint managing director, Apollo Hospitals Group, in a statement.

The lab will provide anatomical models that are life-size replicas of a patient’s anatomy, accurately reconstructed from their CT/MRI scans into 3D models, which can be created in multiple materials, colours, opacities and hardness.