BGS Gleneagles launches “Teal Wave” campaign on cervical cancer

March 6, 2021 0 By FM

BGS GGH has launched a cervical cancer campaign by releasing a video called “Teal wave”, voicing the importance of early diagnosis of cervical cancer.

This form of cancer is known to be the most preventable and is the second biggest contributor of cancer mortality cases among women in India.

The objective behind this initiative is to spread awareness about this disease and encourage women to get the pap-smear test done at regular intervals and get diagnosed at an early stage.

The campaign also aims to empower women to opt for HPV vaccination to prevent the disease. However, the efficacy of the vaccination lasts for only 7.5 years. Hence, all women between the age of 21– 65 must get pap smear screening done at regular intervals.

Teal Wave is spearheaded by Dr Mathangi, radiation oncologist, Dr Monika Pansari, surgical oncologist and Dr Nirmala, obstetrician & gynecologist, who have attended and treated many women with cervical cancer.